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Villa Noce

Floor Tile

With a wide range of styles, sizes and prices we have something for everyone. Floor tiles are very versatile and not limited to just the floor. Shower walls, back-splashes wherever you want to put tile you can use a floor tile. Keep in mind the size of the room you are tiling, floor tiles range in sizes from 2“x2” and up. In a small area use a 12×12 or smaller but keep in mind that a very small tile can be very busy as well. The most popular tile is the 12×12 however a mixing of sizes is one of the hot new trends.

Here are a few samples of our more popular tiles. All are in stock. For more pictures visit Pastorelli’s website. (Top right hand corner will be a drop down arrow this will allow you to change the language from Italian to English.)
Yup 18×18 & 12×12

Classico 2×2,4×4,6×6,12×12,18×18

Alabastro 2×2,4×4,6×6,12×12,18×18

K2 2×2,6×6,12×12,12×24,18×18

Pumori 2×2,6×6,12×12,12×24,18×18

Annapurna 2×2,6×6,12×12,12×24,18×18

Everest 2×2,6×6,12×12,12×24,18×18

Makalu 2×2,6×6,12×12,12×24,18×18

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