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Phone: (780) 451–0880 | Fax: (780) 452–1434
Address: 15231–118 Ave | Edmonton, AB T5V 1C3

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What are your store hours?

We are open
Monday – Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm
Saturday 8:00am – 3:00pm
Closed all Holidays and Sundays

Does Angelo's Building Supplies supply Acrylic Stucco samples?

Angelo’s does supply acrylic stucco samples for your project, just stop in and pick your colors and we will supply the first three for no charge, after that there is a $ 10.00 charge per sample.

Does Angelos have stucco patch kits?

Unfortunately no. We DO carry the products you need to repair your stucco they are just in larger quantities.

Do you just supply materials or do you do work as well?

We only supply material. We can however recomend contractors for stone, tile and stucco work.

Does Angelos provide delivery?

We can arrange for delivery but we ourselves don’t deliver. If you need something delivered we can find out rates and arrange a truck for you.

Coronado Stone

What is the difference between Coronado Stone and Natural stone?

Coronado stone is a light weight alternative to natural stone. The installation is basically the same, the only real difference is the weight. Coronado stone on average will weigh 7–10lbs/sqft.

Does the Coronado stone come in panels?

No, the Coronado stones are all individual pieces and are mortared onto the wall like a natural stone would be.

How do I install Coronado Stone?

If installing overtop of wood or drywall you will need to put a layer of black paper, metal lath 2.5 (expanded metal or diamond mesh not chicken wire) a layer of cement and then the stone.
If installing overtop of an existing cement wall or scratch coat(parging) you will want to add a adhesive like Stucco Bond to the mortar mix and paint a layer on the wall as well.

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How thick should my sub-floor be for tile?

You need at least 1 1/4” of sub-floor. Most homes will have 3/4”. You can add the extra by either buying specialty tile sub-floor or adding on plywood. You will need to screw the floor down every 6”, this will make the floor more solid and reduce the chance of your tile cracking.

Can I install my tile overtop of lino?

Yes you can, however if you are able to pull the linoleum up it is better. If you can not, you will need to sand the top glossy layer off of the linoleum. You will then need to screw it down every 6” or so. This will prevent the linoleum from rising later and cracking your tile.

I have a tile that cracked, what should I do to fix it?

There is really no easy way to fix a cracked tile. All you can do is hammer and chisel the broken tile up, scrape away the old cement and reinstall a new tile and grout.

Does Angelos have tile in stock?

Yes we have tile in stock, the majority of which is imported from Italy. We can also order tile from our various suppliers including Olympia, Julian, Tierra Sol , Ames, etc

What is the difference between Porcelain tile and Ceramic tile?

Depending on the job you are doing you might require different tile. For residential use both ceramic and porcelain is fine. For a commercial job or if you are putting tile outside you will need a porcelain tile. Porcelain tile is stronger and doesn’t absorb water.

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